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Alfa Laval participated in COP26

The world's largest meeting on climate change, COP (Conference of the Parties) was taking place for the 26th time, in Glasgow, UK. Action rather than words was on the agenda. Alfa Laval was a part of the Swedish delegation, participating together with other large companies on site in Glasgow to accelerate the transition towards decarbonization.


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Why was Alfa Laval present?

Alfa Laval can strongly contribute to reaching the Paris agreement through the company’s current technologies and innovations. But to reach the Paris Agreement requires collaboration and partnerships across sectors in order to speed up the transition.

Partnerships are essential to implement existing technologies – and to accelerate innovation towards decarbonization. COP26 is well suited for networking and finding new partnerships. By being present, Alfa Laval, together with other representatives from the industry, was able to portray and explain what is possible, both today and for the future.

Alfa Laval’s participation during COP26

Alfa Laval hosted and participated in several sessions onsite and via link during COP26. Talking about the role of energy efficiency, long-duration energy storage, innovation, digitalization, circularity, our own commitment, and much more. Overall demonstrating solutions, actions and commitment to accelerate decarbonization and how this is done in partnerships and collaborations across sectors.

Latest news from COP26

Long Duration Energy Storage Council to accelerate decarbonization

The power sector accounts for roughly one-third of global carbon emissions and is a central player to global decarbonization. Long duration energy storage (LDES) enables storage of electricity from intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar PV and makes it available when needed. To accelerate the transition towards decarbonization Alfa Laval is one of the initiators of the new LDES Council, a CEO-led body driving innovation, commercialization and deployment of long duration energy storage, established in November 2021.

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Alfa Laval first to join the Energy Efficiency Movement

Alfa Laval is joining the ‘Energy Efficiency Movement’, an initiative by ABB to increase focus on the untapped potential in energy efficiency. Alfa Laval is committed to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized future, helping existing industries make their processes more energy efficient as well as accelerating new clean energy technologies and circular solutions to reach the market.

Alfa Laval believes that collaboration across borders will support the implementation of energy efficient solutions and sustainable partnerships are key enablers in accelerating the transition to a decarbonized future. “We appreciate Alfa Laval taking a stand on energy efficiency and joining the movement,” said Morten Wierod, President of ABB Motion.

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Leading with Technology – an expert panel discussion on energy

As energy efficiency is a main contributor to reaching the Paris Agreement – and the technology is available and affordable, we have the possibility to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized future already today. Hear four experts in the field of energy efficiency; Julien Gennetier from Alfa Laval, Brian Motherway from the IEA, Morten Wierod from ABB and Jennifer Anderson from Lazard Asset Management discuss what is achievable and the main obstacles in making use of the untapped potential in energy efficiency.

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