Greenhouse gas effect

Climate change in focus

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the world faces today. Alfa Laval contributes in two ways; by supplying advanced technology to help our customers lower their emissions and by decreasing the emissions from our own operations.

Great improvement potential in refineries

Alfa Laval’s main contribution to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is helping our customers to reduce their emissions through increasing the use of our products.

The enhanced legislative focus on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide reduction targets, emission rights and carbon trading initiatives are all contributing to our customers in energy intensive industries changing from old heat exchange technologies to the compact plate heat exchanger technology from Alfa Laval.

The resultant financial payback and the GHG reduction can be very significant. For example, one refinery in Switzerland, which installed Alfa Laval’s technology calculated savings of  SEK 32 million (approximately EUR 3.4 million) per year in energy costs and reduced emission trading costs by SEK 8.3 million per year (41,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide). The payback time for the investment was approximately 5 months.

Today, compact heat exchangers represent less than 10% of the heat exchange technology in refineries, so Alfa Laval has a massive contribution to make in this area in the future. Over the last two years, we have tripled our research and development expenditure in this area. We can now offer an increasing number of solutions to reduce the refinery industry’s energy consumption.

Alfa Laval’s Sustainability work is based on our Business Principles.

The Business Principles of Alfa Laval

Statement concerning Modern Slavery Act transparency

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