Cooling the Internet

With the Internet now a vital part of modern life, data centres are booming – and there is an innovative new technology from Alfa Laval for keeping the server rooms cool.


The booming use of mobile devices has skyrocketed Internet use to a completely new level, and today we take the Internet with us everywhere. We communicate and connect through social media, watch movies and listen to music online, do our banking and store our pictures in the cloud. In response, data centres of all sizes have sprung up around the world, and the servers within them generate lots of heat, which requires huge amount of energy to cool.


But cooling solutions – such as CRAC units and Kyoto wheels – have to contend with challenges including hot spots and peaks and troughs in demand, which affect their efficacy and efficiency. Alfa Laval and Dutch partner Boersema Installatie Adviseurs have come up with an unorthodox server room solution, Low-Speed Ventilation, that solves many of these challenges and helps keep the Internet cool.



FIVE BENEFITS - Low-Speed Ventilation

  • Extremely low energy consumption – up to 35-40% lower than conventional technology.
  • Substantial operational cost reduction.
  • No cooling equipment in white space (usable floor space) gives better working environment.
  • Easier implementation of free cooling.
  • No hot spots caused by high air speeds

FACTS - Did you know that, each day, around the world...

  • 2,160 photos are uploaded to Instagram
  • 9,300 Tweets are sent
  • 49,000 Google searches are done
  • 102,000 YouTube videos are watched
  • 1.4 billion people are active on Facebook
  • 115 billion emails are sent.

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Alfa Laval Arctigo LSV (Low-Speed Ventilation)

  • Alfa Laval Arctigo LSV air coolers are specifically designed for server room cooling.
  • They operate with low fan speed, low air velocities and minimal pressure differences along the route of the airflow.
  • The LSV system can use direct outside air, which further reduces operation costs.
  • Alfa Laval also supplies most of the upstream equipment used for data centre cooling systems, including pumps and heat exchangers.

Alfa Laval Arctigo LSV


The slow-moving air and large cross-sectional area make the heat transfer very efficient. After a year-long study, we successfully developed steering algorithms to further increase the temperature of the air cooler water side. This adds sustainability to reliability, durability and energy-efficiency.” 
With LSV, we get a normal pressure in the entire room, still delivering the required amount of air. We don’t have to worry about the pressure at all, which is a totally new way of thinking.”