Production de chaleur pour transformation

Combined heat and power applications are the best opportunities for full heat recovery utilization, where total plant efficiencies up to 90% or even higher can be obtained. Benefitting from reduced fuel consumption and emissions, the payback times for these kinds of full exhaust gas heat recovery systems are extremely short, often calculated in months rather than years.

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Steam or hot water for process use

The Alfa Laval Aalborg AV-6N is a robust and highly efficient water tube boiler with extended heating surface. The boiler’s compact and flexible design, which makes it easy to install, supports ideally CHP applications, allowing mixing of different heat recovery utilization circuits within one common casing structure. The heat recovery can be designed for steam generation in various pressure levels, water heating or both.

Effective steam generation

The Alfa Laval Aalborg AV-6N is optimal for full heat recovery. Featuring high-efficient cleaning during operation, which maximizes its long-term performance, it increases plant availability by minimizing the needs for engine shutdowns. Natural circulation is used in the standard steam configuration, which increases reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

Reliable water heating

Depending on the application, Alfa Laval Aalborg AV-6N/AV-6H (vertical /horizontal design) or Alfa Laval Aalborg HW exhaust gas heat recovery units are available for utilization of waste heat for hot-water heating purposes.
Alfa Laval Aalborg AV-6H is developed for water heating applications where compact design and low operational weight are preferred, making it ideal for installations above the engine to the 2nd floor of the power house.