Alfa Laval experience makes the difference

BIOTECH Paskov, the Czech subsidiary of the Austrian company BIOTECH Lignosulfonate Handels-GesmbH, has exclusive rights to the production and sales of lignosulphonate extracted from spent sulphite liquor produced by Biocel Paskov in the Czech Republic. Biocel Paskov is a member of the Heinzel Group® – one of the largest sulphite pulp producers in Europe – and has an annual capacity of 260,000 tons.

DATE 2023-11-28


 Lignosulphonate is used as an additive for a wide range of different purposes by the building industry, metal industry, paper and board manufacturers, etc.

Process description

The system now installed features four loops that concentrate the lignosulphonate in the spent sulphite liquor by a factor of five. As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve the water balance, the permeate is recycled back to the pulp mill.


Cross-flow filtration – built-in advantages over dead-end filtration

 Alfa Laval membranes

Features and benefits

  • consistent quality
  • no filter cake
  • no costs associated with the removal and disposal of residue
  • fewer processing steps
  • greater degree of purity
  • higher overall yields
  • no additives
  • a wide range of viscosities, including high viscosity
  • Modular design makes extension easy 
  • Low operating costs
  • Modular design easy to customize on each system to meet the customers specific process requirements and expand the installation if needed 

Customer's voice

When we started producing lignosulphonate from spent sulphite liquor, we tried out several different ultrafiltration modules. Alfa Laval plate-and-frame modules provided the best all-round solution, in both technical and financial terms.

Mr Jan Jonas
Production manager at BIOTECH Paskov