Alfa Laval - Aalborg OS-TCi

Aalborg OS-TCi

L’Aalborg OS-TCi, équipé de la technologie Turbo Clean intelligent, est une chaudière extrêmement efficace grâce à son auto-nettoyage. Les brûleurs sont compatibles avec le fioul lourd (HFO), le gasoil (MDO) ou le GNL (dual-fuel).


Aalborg OS-TCi is intended for steam production, the oil-fired Aalborg OS-TCi (formerly MISSION OS-TCi) is supplied as a vertical, preassembled boiler unit.

The boiler’s built-in TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) technology makes it self-cleaning to the highest possible degree, and what little maintenance remains is easy and has a low environmental impact.

Features and benefits of the Aalborg OS-TCi

  • Oil-fired production of steam
  • TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) technology for improved efficiency and self-cleaning without water washing
  • Design pressure: 10 bar(g)
  • Capacity: 750–8 000 kg/h
  • Reliability
  • Turbo self-cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly maintenance
  • User-friendly burner design
  • Intelligent control for the future
  • Scrubber compatible


This reliable, high-efficiency boiler is constructed with helix tubes and features a user-friendly, integrated pressure-atomizing burner, which is controlled and monitored via an Aalborg Control Touch (formerly MISSION Control Touch) system.


Alfa Laval Aalborg pressure atomizing burner
Aalborg KBM

The Aalborg KBM burner is a pressure-atomizing burner
designed for the continuous modulating operation of Aalborg
OS-TCi and OC-TCi boilers. This burner helps maintain uniform
combustion, which in turn contributes to improved heat
transfer efficiency and reduced fouling of convection surfaces.

Design data

  • Thermal output: up to 5.6 MW 
  • Steam capacity: 1.2 - 8.0 t/h 
  • Design pressure: up to 10 bar(g)  

Ship types

  • Container ship
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Cruise Vessel
  • Ferry
  • LNG/LPG Carrier