Alfa Laval sanitary, stainless steel housings are some of the most vital items in Alfa Laval spiral membrane filtration systems. The housings are designed in different sizes and for different capacities to operate with the entire range of full-fit spiral membranes available from Alfa Laval. All materials comply with FDA regulations (CFR) Title 21 which makes the housings ideal for use within the food, beverage, dairy, biotech and pharmaceutical industries

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Alfa Laval sanitary, stainless steel housings are designed to withstand high operating temperatures (up to 80°C), and working pressures of up to 64 bar. The housing features are low energy consumption and an absolute minimum of by-pass flow, because of an extremely accurate, high-tolerance machining.

Easy to use

The design of these housings makes it easy to quickly swap out the spiral elements, keeping any processing disruption and downtime to a minimum. They are light in weight and have only a small internal volume, with large ports and an ideal flow distribution.

The units are designed for space-saving rack mounting.

Easy to select

Alfa Laval housings are designed with different inner diameters which corresponds to the outer diameter of the Alfa Laval spiral membranes that are available for installation in these housings, for use in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Also the total number of spiral membranes, which can be loaded into one single Alfa Laval housing, is flexible. Alfa Laval housings can hold up to 5 spiral membranes, depending on the inner diameter of the housing and the working pressure applied. Alfa Laval housings are available with different pressure ratings from PN10 to PN64. 

Other types of housings are available from Alfa Laval on request. 


  • compact and cost-effective solution
  • quick and easy exchange of spiral elements
  • high operating temperature (80°C)
  • low energy consumption and minimized element by-pass flow due to accurate and precise diameter and circumference tolerances
  • space-saving rack mounted design
  • low weight and small internal volume
  • large ports and ideal flow distribution


Drawing of 6.3 inch Alfa Laval housing

The housing is one of the most basic items in an Alfa Laval membrane filtration system that is based on spiral design.

Customized solutions through flexible design

Alfa Laval membrane filtration equipment is designed on a modular basis that gives a high degree of flexibility, as spiral membranes are mounted into housings, housings are built into loops, and loops are built into systems. The design of a system can thus be customized to meet any process needs and it is easy to expand, if production requirements increase. This means that your investment can follow any required increase in production capacity, as and when you need it - and at relatively low additional cost.