Compact aseptic filler

The Alfa Laval Astepo compact aseptic filler (CAF) is an extremely versatile and robust filling system designed for filling of a wide range of food and beverage products into appropriate containers under aseptic conditions.

Compact aseptic filler 2H right

The compact aseptic fillers are particularly well suited for the filling of liquids (such as ready-to-drink juices), dense, low-acid food and beverage products (such as milk, flavoured milk, milk shakes and sundaes, vegetable and meat extracts) and viscous products containing particulates (such as fruit, citrus and tomato concentrates, syrups and extracts).


How it works

Before the filler is used, it is automatically washed and sterilized. This procedure is fully automatic, consisting of a CIP phase followed by a sterilization phase, both featuring cyclic action of the valves in contact with the product, the circuit valves and jets of steam. In both phases, the time counter is automatically set to zero if any alarm is set off, and does not restart until the condition that triggered off the alarm has been reset.

The automatic cycle of opening, filling and closing begins once the bag neck has been manually inserted into the filling head. During this filling cycle, the temperatures of the jets of steam and of the filling valve are carefully monitored and controlled. For low-acid products, disinfectant is added as an aerosol spray.