Dynapitch is a brewery process module for accurate, continuous and automatic pitching of yeast.

啤酒酵母管理系统-Beer Yeast Management System

The process module is used for continuous, reliable and exact yeast pitching, giving optimum conditions for the yeast growth and fermentation as well as minimizing the surplus yeast volume.

Dynapitch is unique in its design including a viable yeast cell analyzer as optional equipment.


How it works

Dynapitch is designed for accurate pitching of yeast into the wort flow based on flow meter readings and input of data by the operator regarding pitching rate, yeast cell concentration in the yeast slurry and the amount of wort to be pitched.

Dynapitch automatically calculates and pitches the required amount of yeast based on laboratory data. Alternatively, the pitching may be controlled through measurement of the concentration of live/viable yeast cells by an in-line yeast monitor.