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Your opinion means a lot to us!

You have been selected to participate to our annual survey as you already have been in contact or in business with Alfa Laval. We sincerely thank you for the time you'll spend to answer our 10 questions.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. When you need to contact Alfa Laval, do you know exactly who to call?
2. How easy was it to reach Alfa Laval over the phone?
3. How would you rate the Alfa Laval response time to your requests for quotes?
4. About the quotations you received from Alfa Laval so far, how much do you agree to the following sentences:
4.1 Alfa Laval’s quotations are relevant
4.2. The technical aspects in the quotations are high quality
4.3. The quotations are clear, easy to understand and professional
4.4. The quotations correspond to my needs
6. How would you rate the way Alfa Laval takes care of your orders?
7. Do you agree with the sentence « Alfa Laval helps you optimizing the performance of your processes »?

8. For which reasons have you chosen working with Alfa Laval?

Select the main reason(s) You can select 3 maximum.

9. Will you work again with Alfa Laval?

10. On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Alfa Laval to a friend/ a colleague/ someone you know?


              -    From 0 to 6 means “Quite Unlikely”
              -    From 7 to 8 means "Likely"
              -    From 9 to 10 means “Totally likely”