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Separation technology for your brewery | A webinar

A centrifuge, or a separator, is a great tool that can help you to increase the profit from every batch of beer from your brewery and at the same time improve the quality of your beer. In this webinar our experts Joakim Gustafsson and Fernando Jimenez will introduce you to separation technology and explain how it is used in beer breweries. You will get to know why more and more brewers pay attention to beer centrifuges. You will find out, how separation can help you increase yield, improve beer quality and profitability.

You will find out:

• What are the benefits of clarifying beer 

• How separation can help you increase yield, improve beer quality and profitability

• When and how you should use a centrifuge in a brewery 

• How to choose the right centrifuge for your brewery


Our speakers:

Joakim Gustafsson

Joakim Gustafsson is the global sales manager for high speed separators within craft breweries at Alfa Laval with a brewing diploma as well as 5 years of experience in the brewing industry besides being a home brewer for over 10 years.

Fernando Jimenez

Fernando Jimenez holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and works as the Global Business Manager for brewery and beverages segment at Alfa Laval. Based in the United States, he is supporting centrifuge applications within the fast-growing craft brewing industry worldwide.


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