La voie du service Maritime

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Les temps difficiles exigent un service extraordinaire.

Les experts en services maritimes d'Alfa Laval sont plus actifs que jamais pour répondre à vos besoins. Mais la situation actuelle - avec des frontières fermées, des restrictions strictes et des préoccupations sanitaires partout où les gens se rencontrent - exige des méthodes de travail différentes. Vous trouverez ici des histoires d'inspiration et d'innovation en matière de prestation de services, racontées par les ingénieurs déterminés qui en sont à l'origine.


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Remote oversight for reliable pre-commissioning

Finding new solutions for today’s challenges can be an educational experience for everyone involved. Jack van der Velde, a Project Manager for Alfa Laval in exhaust gas cleaning, explains how his team learned on the job and adjusted their work accordingly when organizing a remote pre-commissioning for new PureSOx installations.

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Real service through virtual reality

When a crisis coincides with a military operation, getting civilian engineers to a naval frigate is extra difficult. To assist the Italian Navy quickly, our service team met the crew in a new space: virtual reality. Service Sales Manager Stefano Bottino explains how.

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“Channelling” our inspection efforts

Alfa Laval service engineers sail with the vessel when needed. Usually that’s on larger jobs at sea. But when an inspection is required and there’s no way to get to a dry dock, even a canal will do. Edwin Luiken, Senior International Field Service and Commissioning Engineer, explains.

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Keeping social distance by moving skids

Physical service work continues locally, but sometimes a little extra thinking is needed to keep it on schedule. Jerry van Toorn, one of our experts based in Benelux, explains how his work in the Netherlands is proceeding as normal – almost.

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PureSOx Site Acceptance Tests – handled off-site

A scrubber’s Site Acceptance Test (SAT) has to take place on board. But what if the engineer performing it can’t be present due to a lockdown? Rob Evers, who manages our EGC hub in Shanghai, explains how we solved it remotely.

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Taking to the road for service on board

What happens when a boiler needs urgent repair, but there’s no way to fly out an engineer or parts? You simply have to get behind the wheel – no matter how long the drive. Hear about it from Vinod Sreenivasan, Global Technical Specialist.

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