Equipment Upgrades - A smart way to increase brewing capacity

After evaluating different solutions to increase production capacity, Dalian Daxue Brewery decided to go for Alfa Laval Equipment Upgrades to optimize the Alfa Laval ALDOX™ High Gravity Beer process module.

DATE 2023-11-28

Dalian Daxue Brewery needed to expand their brewery's capacity and was considering two options: complement the current ALDOX™ with a deaeration system from a local supplier (which was not able to meet the requirements for peak production) or replacing the ALDOX™ with a larger unit, however that would have resulted in a costly investment. 

Alfa Laval was at the brewery for a routine service visit and learned of the challenges limiting Dalian's production capacity. Alfa Laval suggested Equipment Upgrades to optimize the existing ALDOX™ system. By choosing this option, Dailan did not have to invest in a new and larger unit.

Alfa Laval Improvements secured increased capacity

Alfa Laval Equipment Upgades secured increased capacity according to requirements of the peak month and Daxue Brewery was very satisfied with the expertise and support provided by Alfa Laval.


  • Higher capacity without new equipment
  • Complete support with customized solutions
  • Compatibility and safety
  • Peace-of-mind in operation processes

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The customer

Daxue Brewery, founded in 2001 is located in the city of Dalian in the Liaoning province in northeast China where it is the third largest beer brewery. Dauxe has an annual brewing capacity of 280,000 Hl and is highly reputed in the Liaoning Province, the fourth largest beer market in China.