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Alfa Laval Reconditioning secures continuous processes

Ilva Steelworks use 20 Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers for cooling gas when producing coke for steelmaking. After more than 20 years of satisfactory service, the steelworks turned to Alfa Laval for Reconditioning of the heat exchangers.

DATE 2022-01-27

The 20 Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers equipped with titanium plates required maintenance service that was long overdue. Since seawater is used as cooling medium, many of the units’ outer parts made of carbon steel showed signs of heavy corrosion. 

Alfa Laval Reconditioning, a cost-effective investment

At the Alfa Laval Service Centers, the heat exchangers underwent general visual inspection of the carbon steel parts, integrity testing to determine the presence of any leakage, high pressure cleaning and chemical cleaning of the titanium plates as well as subsequent repair of internal leakage. 

With minimal investment, the reconditioned spiral heat exchangers now work like they are brand new. The cost of Reconditioning was about 30% less than purchasing new spiral heat exchangers.   

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The customer

Ilva Steelworks is part of the Italian steel corporation the Riva Group, one of the world’s largest steel producers with net sales of 9.5 billion euro. At Taranto Steelworks, Ilva produces hot- and cold-rolled coils, quarto plates, pipes and pipe coating for the packaging and other industries.