Predicting gasket lifetime with Alfa Laval Condition Audit

Knowing the right time to replace gaskets for critical plate heat exchangers ensures plant reliability, productivity and uptime. That’s what one of the world’s largest ethylene producers in Saudi Arabia discovered when Alfa Laval recommended a Condition Audit for the company's 11-year-old gasketed plate heat exchangers.

DATE 2023-11-28

This major petrochemicals company and long-standing Alfa Laval customer used 39 Alfa Laval A45 heat exchangers for critical cooling duties at its plant. The heat exchangers operated for many years without requiring maintenance. However, production reliability is only as good as the quality and operating condition of equipment components.

Condition Audit enables optimized maintenance

At Alfa Laval’s suggestion, the plant management agreed to conduct an Alfa Laval Condition Audit on one of the 39 heat exchangers during scheduled maintenance. The scope of work comprised internal and external inspection of the heat exchanger.

Reconditioning secures uptime

Alfa Laval analyzed the audit data and handed over a report including the audit results and photographs of the actual condition of the plates and gaskets. To secure production uptime, Alfa Laval recommended Reconditioning of the 39 plate heat exchangers operating at the plant.

With hard facts and the ability to predict gasket lifetime, Alfa Laval is working on a preventive maintenance plan to optimize plant performance.

Alfa Laval Condition Audit Benefits

  • Secured plant uptime and productivity
  • Optimized maintenance plans
  • Improved control of maintenance budgets
  • Prevention of safety issues
  • Peace of mind
Conventional wisdom says, ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. Alfa Laval heat exchangers had delivered solid performance for so long that the customer didn’t see a need to conduct maintenance.”

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The customer

The customer is a major petrochemicals producer and one of the world's largest producers of ethylene with 39 Alfa Laval A45 heat exchangers for critical cooling duties at its plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.