Gas-to-liquid plate heat exchangers

From exceptionally high temperatures to media with extremely asymmetrical flow rates, Alfa Laval’s gas-to-liquid portfolio handles more than other plate heat exchangers. Built with a revolutionary asymmetric “dimple” plate design, our gas-to-liquid models provide efficient heat recovery and very low pressure drop in gas applications – all within a significantly smaller footprint than tubular technologies.

Handle more with brazed gas-to-liquid technology

  • The lightweight brazed construction offers much greater thermal efficiency and is typically 75% smaller than comparable shell-and-tubes
  • Supports gas temperatures up to 750°C with no risk of thermal fatigue. For some applications, temperatures above 1400°C are possible.
  • Very low pressure drop in asymmetric applications thanks to patented “dimple” plate design
  • Fast global delivery thanks to Alfa Laval’s advanced production and logistics capabilities as well as a stock of standard gas-to-liquid models
The unique design of our gas-to-liquid plate heat exchangers enables them to operate with much higher flow volumes on one side of the plate. They can therefore handle complicated gas media duties that are impossible for other plate heat exchangers, with very low pressure drop and the ability to resist thermal fatigue. This opens up possibilities for heat recovery in a wide range of industries, offering faster payback times as well as important environmental benefits. These advantages make our gas-to-liquid heat exchangers suitable for a number of challenging applications, such as air compression and combined heat and power.

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Cas clients

Augmentation du rendement de la cogénération (CHP) grâce à la technologie d’échangeurs de chaleur à plaques brasées gaz-liquide

Un pré-refroidisseur d’air comprimé compact et efficace

Une solution compacte et efficace pour la micro-cogénération (CHP)

Récupération de chaleur durable dans les systèmes d’air comprimé


A heat exchanger that can handle more

The GL product line of Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid heat exchangers provides maximum efficiency within an ultra-compact footprint. The result is all new possibilities in a huge number of applications and industries.

Meet the full gas-to-liquid portfolio

Want to learn more about what our unique gas-to-liquid technology can offer in your business? Read about relevant applications and get technical specifications by downloading our portfolio overview.

Voyez par vous-même

Combinant efficacité et très faible encombrement, les échangeurs thermiques à plaques GL d’Alfa Laval peuvent être utilisés tout au long de votre procédé. Regardez cet exemple d’animation pour en savoir plus et constater par vous-même à quel point ils sont compacts !

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