Scandi Brew Agitator

Depend on the Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitator for premium quality brewing yeast for propagation through to fermentation. It conditions and mixes a homogeneous yeast slurry of uniform temperature and consistency, optimizing yeast vitality and viability. The result is top quality beer, higher productivity and yield, and satisfied consumers. A must for all brewery yeast tanks.

ALTB-SB 640x360

Unique tank agitator specially developed for brewery yeast propagation and storage applications

  • Prior to pitching, gently mixes and maintains brewing yeast in a homogeneous slurry with uniform temperature and consistency
  • Ensures high quality yeast for re-pitching and propagation to optimize fermentation processes and beer quality
  • Revitalizes the yeast cells and prevents low yeast viability using a built-in aeration function in the agitator shaft
  • Easy, 100% cleaning efficiency of the agitator and tank due to no shadow areas and full compliance with Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) best practices
  • Provides high turbulence for the best possible homogenization of the yeast slurry due to straightforward propeller design

Yeast plays a vital role in the production of beer. Proper handling of the yeast between fermentation processes is therefore critical to beer quality and yield. Redefine yeast mixing efficiency and quality with the Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitator. 

This top-mounted yeast agitator for breweries conditions the yeast to obtain homogenous slurries with uniform temperature and consistency. Conditioning the yeast prevents localized heating, stratification, stuck or sluggish fermentation, and yeast autolysis. 

Its modular, low-maintenance design makes it easy to tailor to tank requirements, easy to clean, and contributes to more uptime and higher productivity and yield. The yeast tank mixer is available in two versions: 

  • ALT-SB-15 agitator for small to medium-sized tanks with capacities ranging from approximately 5 to 50 hl  
  • ALTB-SB-35 agitator for large tanks with capacities ranging from approximately 50 to 300 hl, depending on the physical dimensions 



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Aeration and hygiene in one 

Aerate your yeast slurry and propagated yeast while ensuring hygiene with the Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitator. Its hollow shaft integrates self-cleaning and tank-cleaning functionality and built-in aeration to refresh dissolved oxygen levels in the yeast suspension. For propagation applications, the tank agitator can also undergo steam sterilization using low-pressure clean steam. 


How does the Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Tank Agitator work?  

Specially designed, slow-rotating impellers, pitched at a 45° angle, optimize the tank mixing efficiency of the yeast slurry as well as the propagated yeast. To achieve the best mixing performance while ensuring optimal flow rates and gentle product treatment, each agitator is engineered to suit the individual yeast tank’s requirements, such as the size and number of impellers and revolutions per minute. 

Obtaining optimal mixing efficiency for yeast requires regular stirring at the proper agitation intervals. Restricting agitation to the cooling phase and the phase prior before pitching minimizes mechanical stress on the yeast cells. The yeast slurry requires minimal agitation during storage to maintain a homogeneous suspension but must never be left unmixed for more extended periods. 

Using the optional aeration feature integrated into the shaft end nozzles makes it possible to aerate the yeast slurry when agitating prior to pitching. The aerating facility may also be employed to lower the pH value of the yeast suspension through acid washing. 

The smaller Scandi Brew Tank Agitator Type 15 has no bottom support whereas the larger Type 35 agitator has a bottom support, which stabilizes the shaft and ensures reliable operation for longer shaft lengths. 

Note that the yeast agitator must never run dry; it must always contain yeast slurry or Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) fluid.