Calibration for PureBallast

For your Alfa Laval PureBallast system to function correctly, all sensors and transmitters must provide correct values to the control system. Calibration by Alfa Laval is a simple and cost-saving way to make sure they do.

What we do

During the service, we calibrate or – where necessary –replace sensors, transmitters and metering equipment. By doing this for multiple components at once, time and money are saved in the calibration process.

Download service leaflet

Download service leaflet

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  • You can be certain of system performance
  • You know that all sensors and transmitters work as they should
  • Your system retains its type approval
  • You save time and money when multiple components are calibrated at once

Scope of supply

  • Reactor UV sensor*
  • Calibration certificate

* Applies only to certain PureBallast systems. Calibrated by exchange.

Scope of service

During the service, we calibrate the following equipment:

  • Flow meter
  • Reactor UV sensor*
  • Reactor temperature transmitter
  • Reactor temperature switch
  • Reactor level switch
  • Pressure transmitter – main
  • Pressure transmitter – filter
  • Pressure transmitter – lamp drive cabinet
  • Pressure gauge

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