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Sustainable solutions for more profitable drilling

Underground solutions for a world in change is the promise of the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) 2022 in Copenhagen, September 5-7, 2022. Alfa Laval will be there to help you navigate this changing world of underground tunnelling and construction. 

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As leaders in construction drilling, drill slurry dewatering, construction wastewater treatment and drill slurry mixing, Alfa Laval want to invite you to stop by our booth for insightful displays on how Alfa Lavals decanter centrifuges and mixing equipment can increase the efficiency and profitability of your project while helping you reach environmental goals and regulations. Our separation and mixing experts will be there to answer questions and show you why Alfa Laval equipment should be your number one choice for these demanding applications. You find us in booth A17 at the World Tunnel Congress.  

Cuong Nguyen, Decanter Centrifuge Product Specialist at Alfa Laval

Sustainability has never been more important than today. In tunnel boring you have several opportunities to improve your sustainability footprint and in doing so, both save cost on your chemical and waste bill. Do you want to learn how you can cut your waste bill in half? 

Meet Darby Usey, Product Manager at Alfa Laval

High Shear mixing on the go – no more premixing. No more blocking of your slurry mixer. Up to 30% savings on your chemical usage. Do you want to learn how it is done?

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Carsten Schrader, Global Sales Manager at Alfa Laval

To solve challenges with solid particles in the drill slurries we need to evaluate the technology used today. Separation with decanter centrifuges is the only technology, which can remove particles down to 6 microns efficient enough.

Shobhitraj Srivastava, Global Sales Manager at Alfa Laval

We have more than 1000 decanter centrifuges worldwide used in construction drilling and Oil & Gas drilling doing drill solids control – significantly improving rate of penetration. Are you interested in knowing more how decanter centrifuges can improve your drill slurries and drill performance?

Innovative technology for civil drilling

Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are key to achieving high efficiency in drilling and tunneling, especially in terms of treatment of slurries and water cleanliness. The technology efficiently removes most of the fine particles that traditional slurry treatment equipment cannot without recourse to polymers. Due to specific design for construction sites and tunneling environments, the Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges cope with abrasive and coarse particles and can handle large volumes of feed solids and various flow rates.

The decanter centrifuges are available with a range of modules ideally suited for every kind of solids separation job. They range from fully automated operation to simple “hands-on” capabilities. Whichever you choose, you can look forward to effective solutions to your separation needs.


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LYNX construction drilling decanter

Alfa Laval LYNX centrifugal decanter systems are made for muck handling. They efficiently remove solid particles from water and oil-based slurries resulting in better penetration rates, shorter drill times, less wear on key components as well as longer sludge service life. It also reduces chemical usage as well as drill waste, which contributes to lower disposal and waste water treatment costs.


Normally installed in a bypass system, our LYNX centrifugal decanters operate continuously without interrupting drilling operations. The range can handle muck flow rates from 5 m3/hour up to 100 m3/hour. The variable bowl speed ensures the right G force required for the most efficient separation while the conveying speed can be adjusted for optimal balance between liquid clarity and solids dryness. The adjustable pond depth also contributes to the best balance between clarity and dryness.

Ease of operation and high uptime

  • Developed specifically for the tunnel boring and construction industry
  • Small footprint – easy installation and mobilization
  • Continuous and automatic operation with option of remote surveillance
  • High separation efficiency – clean slurry improves drill penetration rate
  • Highly sustainable cleaning capacity – less waste due to dry cake and reused slurry

Not able to participate at the congress?

The webinar will provide you with tips on how to improve your sustainability footprint and operational cost within your construction drilling operation.

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