Heating and cooling for methanol

As the marine industry decarbonizes, interest in methanol is growing and the first methanol-fuelled vessels are beginning to appear. Methanol is a clean-burning liquid fuel that enables carbon-neutral operations if produced from green sources. Yet it poses heating and cooling challenges compared to conventional fuels. Alfa Laval has the heat exchanger solutions to ensure safe and efficient work with methanol on board.

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Effective heat exchangers for methanol

Alfa Laval’s broad portfolio of heat exchangers provides heating and cooling solutions for the full range of media on board, including methanol. Methanol is similar to liquid fuels that are already in widespread use in the marine industry, but it has both a low flashpoint and an aggressive nature. Alfa Laval offers several heat exchanger types that can handle the temperatures, pressures and corrosion risks associated with methanol operations.


Semi-welded plate heat exchangers

Alfa Laval semi-welded heat exchangers are ideal for handling corrosive methanol. Methanol is safely heated in the laser-welded channels, while the heating medium runs through the gasketed channels. This creates an openable but robust solution, with the unique Alfa Laval RefTight™ sealing system and an appropriate choice of gaskets ensuring a long lifetime.

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The AlfaNovaM line of marine heat exchangers is manufactured in 100% stainless steel using Alfa Laval’s patented AlfaFusion technology. This produces a reliable and corrosion-resistant solution for working with methanol. Since the gasket-free construction offers the smallest possible footprint, Alfa NovaM heat exchangers are ideal for fuel gas systems on skids.

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The Alfa Laval CBM line of copper-brazed heat exchangers combines a gasket-free design with a small footprint and wide performance range. With design temperatures from cryogenic (-196°C) up to 225°C, at a maximum design pressure of 51 bar, they easily meet methanol challenges.

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Équipements et solutions maritimes pour le méthanol comme carburant

Le méthanol est une prochaine étape dans le cheminement de l'industrie maritime vers un avenir neutre en carbone. Cependant, il exigera de nouvelles technologies et une manière différente d'envisager le bilan énergétique à bord. Alfa Laval est à la pointe des solutions méthanol et est prêt à vous accompagner dans cette transition.

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