Ballast treatment

PureBallast 3 solutions for tankers

The practicalities of transporting liquid cargo set tankers apart from other vessels. In addition, they pose unique challenges for the choice and installation of a ballast water treatment system. Not only is Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 well adapted to tanker needs, Alfa Laval has the tanker-specific experience and solutions to support the most complex tanker projects.

PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouses for tankers

If your tanker uses submersible cargo pumps, you have maximum space for money-making cargo. But without a pump room, there’s no internal space for a ballast water treatment system. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouses make it easy to install on the weather deck, providing a complete, pre-assembled solution for tanker needs – including an integrated booster pump unit. Durable and purpose-designed, they safeguard compliance by protecting your PureBallast 3 Ex system throughout its lifetime.


Take a virtual deckhouse tour

Get a close look at an Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse by taking a virtual tour on board a tanker. Use your computer or a VR headset to explore this purpose-designed solution for installation on the weather deck.

Take the virtual tour

virtual tour on pureballast deck

What’s required of a deckhouse?

The weather deck is a harsh place, so it takes more than a container to protect the ballast water treatment system – and your compliance. Our short guide explains the deckhouse demands.


The choice of tanker customers

The number of customers choosing PureBallast 3 for ballast water treatment on their tankers continues to grow.

Large ballast water flows for KOTC

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) is one of many ship owners choosing UV ballast water treatment over electrochlorination for large ballast water flows. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 will be installed on vessels throughout the KOTC fleet, including VLCCs with flows of 6000 m3/h each.

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TORM signs a fleet agreement

TORM, an international product tanker owner and operator based in Denmark, will retrofit 36 Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex systems within its existing fleet and fit PureBallast 3 Ex systems on 11 new builds. Alfa Laval will provide large-flow ballast water treatment systems for 36 vessels between 2019 and 2024.

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Answers for your tanker’s needs

A wide range of system advantages and dedicated technical solutions make PureBallast 3 the ideal choice for ballast water treatment on tankers.

Handling large ballast flows

Your tanker may require hundreds of thousands of tons of ballast water – which means large ballast water flows. PureBallast 3 handles even very large flows with a small footprint and low power consumption, thanks in part to a 1500 m3/h reactor size. Single systems can handle up to 3000 m3/h, while dual systems can be used for coverage up to 6000 m3/h.

PureBallast Family

Efficient tanker retrofits with Alfa Laval ballast water treatment systems and deckhouses

Based in Glyfada, Greece, Millenia Maritime Inc. is an international ship management company that transports oil products with a fleet of double-hull MR tankers and its management takes pride in doing modern and efficient business. That includes choosing Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex ballast water treatment systems in deckhouses – and completing successful retrofits in record time.

PureBallast Mill 640x360

Meeting Ex requirements

If your tanker carries volatile cargo, it has to meet the stringent requirements for potentially explosive environments. PureBallast 3 Ex systems are configured according to ATEX and IECEx, Zone 1, IIC and T4, with redundant safety features and lamp cabinets that are located in the safe zone up to 150 m from the reactors they serve.

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PureBallast 3 Ex booster pump unit

Installing a ballast water treatment system on deck shouldn’t mean problems for your existing submersible ballast pumps. The technical teams for Alfa Laval ballast water treatment systems and Framo pumping systems have developed a solution for providing additional pumping head when PureBallast 3 Ex is installed in a deckhouse.

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Service to keep you fit

Installing a ballast water treatment system is only the first step in staying compliant. The regulations demand a whole range of annual service actions. Even so, one package is all that you need. With the PureBallast Compliance Service Package, our experts take responsibility for your PureBallast system’s health.

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Proof and documentation for tankers

The following links and downloads may be useful as you consider a PureBallast 3 solution for your tanker.

PureBallast 3 Ex leaflet

Learn more about PureBallast 3 Ex, the PureBallast 3 solution most commonly installed on tankers.

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Std & Ex

UV vs EC for large flows

Find out why UV ballast water treatment today is often a smarter solution for large flows than electrochlorination.

pureballast large flow640x360

TMS Tanker Conference 2018

Watch The Maritime Standard’s interview with Peter Sahlen, R&D Manager for PureBallast, at the 2018 TMS Tanker Conference.

Contact us to discuss your tanker’s needs

Let’s talk about the specific challenges you face in ballast water treatment. With our many years of experience, we can guide you to the right PureBallast 3 solution for your tanker.

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