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Efficiency on an industrial scale

For decades, Alfa Laval has developed boiler solutions for a wide range of industries. Today’s Aalborg boilers encompass the most efficient features we have pioneered over the years, along with the latest advances.


Efficient heat production

Efficient boiler technology is now more important than ever. Your plant’s economy depends on how heat is produced and the way energy is consumed across the entire production line. In short, the boiler you choose will impact your bottom line.


Efficient heat recovery

Energy efficiency has always been a strong driver in Alfa Laval’s boiler development. This makes us a key part of the push to reduce energy consumption in all industries.

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Boilers with a measurable difference

Alfa Laval boilers offer the market’s highest energy efficiency. With a century of expertise to draw upon, we also have the practical and technological depth to advise you on the ideal boiler configuration to lower energy consumption and reduce emissions in your production. And because Alfa Laval develops and produces all necessary components in-house, we can optimize boiler systems in their entirety for use in nearly any industry.

Heat exchangers that turn waste into win

No matter how efficient your engine or turbine is, much of the energy it produces is lost as exhaust gas heat. With today’s energy prices, that means money lost too. That’s why the focus is widening from efficient heat production to reusing heat that already exists.


Aalborg 3-Pass

The Aalborg 3-Pass is a compact industrial boiler with a thoroughly modern wetback design. Symmetrically arranged heating surfaces secure optimum water circulation, providing uniformly high steam quality and efficiency levels of up to 96%. All aspects of the boiler are carefully designed to ensure reliability and long-term performance.

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Aalborg HPNC

The Aalborg HPNC boiler is specially designed for the deodorizing process in the physical refining of vegetable oils and fats. The boiler features a robust coil design that ensures efficiency in heat transfer and the cooling of tube sections, as well as dependably preventing overheating.

Aalborg HPNC

Alfa Laval Micro

The Alfa Laval Micro is a compact exhaust gas heat exchanger, specifically designed for waste heat recovery from smaller sized gas turbines and engines powered by gas, marine diesel oil (MDO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO). It uses otherwise wasted heat to warm a range of media, including water, triethylene glycol (TEG) and thermal fluid oil (TFO)

Aalborg Micro

100 ans d'innovation dans les chaudières

En 1919, lorsque la première chaudière a quitté le chantier naval d'Aalborg à Aalborg, au Danemark, personne ne pouvait connaître à quel point elle était importante. Elle a jeté les bases d’un siècle de partenariat pour répondre aux besoins de vapeur des navires - un partenariat qui continue de se renforcer et de s’approfondir. En 100 ans, le nom Aalborg est devenu synonyme de chaudières, de leadership et de rupture des barrières technologiques.

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A complete partner to rely on

Today, customers around the world rely on Alfa Laval technology in their production. Our equipment can be found in almost any industry imaginable, including:

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Steam, hot water and waste heat recovery solutions for industry

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