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PureBallast Connect – digital services to reduce OPEX

With remote access to information from your ballast water treatment systems, you can take smart steps to optimize operations and reduce cost of ownership. Alfa Laval PureBallast Connect provides secure, cloud-based access to PureBallast system data – anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduced operating costs over time
  • Faster troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Fewer and shorter service visits
  • Simplified communication and reduced workload
  • Improved performance across your fleet

Connect data with value in ballast water treatment

PureBallast Connect is a digital service package that helps you get even more value from your PureBallast systems. With remote access to live and historical data, your crews, superintendents and shore teams can monitor system performance, establish best practices and communicate more effectively. Connectivity also strengthens our 24/7 support, letting Alfa Laval service experts guide your crews more quickly to solutions.

Digital services protect uptime and reduce workload

PureBallast Connect is a subscription-based package containing a growing range of digital services. Built on remote access to information from your PureBallast systems, the whole package helps to maximize system uptime, reduce workload and enable fleet-wide optimization.

24/7 data-driven support

With the help of data from connected PureBallast systems, Alfa Laval service experts can troubleshoot faster and easier, resolving more issues remotely. If a service visit is needed, it can be well planned to minimize the service time.

Access to Alfa Laval portal

A secure online portal for your fleet lets you view alarms and system data from connected PureBallast systems. That creates opportunities to compare, establish best practices and optimize fleet-wide.

Automatic reports

Data from connected PureBallast systems can be compiled automatically for different types of reports. That includes up to 80% of the annual VGP report, as well as a Performance Report with recommendations for improvement.

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PureBallast Connect is smart value for MPCC

Connectivity in ballast water treatment is a strong priority for MPC Container Ships ASA (MPCC). The company uses PureBallast Connect digital services with all of its PureBallast 3 systems, and not only to reduce the potential need for service visits. PureBallast Connect also simplifies life for MPCC superintendents and crews.


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How PureBallast Connect digital services work

Connectivity with PureBallast Connect is simple, secure and smart. Data from onboard PureBallast systems is relayed to the cloud, giving your crews, superintendents and shore teams the possibility to monitor live and historical data. If a problem should arise, the availability of diagnostic data makes it faster and easier for Alfa Laval service experts to lead you to a solution.

The whole flow speeds up communication – with us and within your fleet. And we work continuously to ensure the communication is secure.

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