Optimizing electrolyser cooling processes

A significant part of the future hydrogen demand is estimated to be produced in electrolysers (alkaline/PEM/solid oxide). Maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of these hydrogen electrolysers will be crucial for decarbonization. In today’s technologies, 20-40% of the hydrogen electrolyser capacity is turned into excess heat that needs to be continuously cooled off.

No matter if it’s the commercial electrolyser technologies on the market today, or the ongoing development of the next generation of electrolyser, optimizing the electrolysers cooling as well as the hydrogen plant itself is a key success factor for efficient and scalable green hydrogen production.

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The Perfect Partner for the Hydrogen Industry


Watch the video and discover what makes a perfect partner for a hydrogen plant.

By working with Alfa Laval, you will get:

  • Top-notch equipment and experience
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • Support to scale up hydrogen production

Energy efficient green hydrogen production

When renewable electricity is splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen in an alkaline/PEM electrolyser, a large part of the electrolyser capacity is turned into excess heat. By cooling off the heat in an efficient, compact and scalable way – we not only maximize the efficiency and lifetime of the hydrogen electrolyser itself, it also allows for further repurposing of this excess heat.

By not letting excess energy go to waste, the overall efficiency of green hydrogen production can increase.

Hydrogen plants: We understand reducing OpEx and CapEx is mandatory to ensure a cost competitive green hydrogen production. With Alfa Laval’s heat transfer technology, we enable a lower levelised cost of hydrogen.

  • Reducing costs
  • Enabling heat recovery
  • Productivity first

Heat exchanger tech: The new generation of Alfa Laval semi-welded plate heat exchangers takes pressure weighting to the next level, designed for optimised performance to guarantee a reliable operation in the electrolyser system.

  • Handles high pressure
  • Flexible configuration
  • Space saving

Service solutions: Equipment used in hydrogen production must be handled in a very careful manner. Connected services ensure safety by monitoring the health status of the plate heat exchanger as well as prolonging the lifetime of the equipment.

  • Ensure safety
  • Accelerate sustainability
  • Efficient for decades

Efficient cooling electrolyser system with Alfa Laval heat exchangers

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Electrolyser stack

1. Electrolyser stack

This is where the electricity is concentrated and the water is electrolysed into this most simple elements. Where the magic happens!

Electrolyte coolers

2. Anolyte cooler

3. Catholyte cooler

The electrolyte coolers are here to maintain the stack at optimal temperature and remove the waste heat produced during the water electrolysis process. This enables better performance and a longer lifetime of the equipment. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are just the right fit for this duties and enable more adding the possibility to recover the heat from them.

Gas coolers

4. Hydrogen gas cooler

5. Oxygen gas cooler

The gas coolers have the crucial function to insure a good efficiency of green hydrogen production by reducing the gas temperature to the lowest level possible. Alfa Laval heat exchangers enable you to have both safe operations with robust equipment and recover heat from the gas if you want to.


L'hydrogène vert donne de l'espoir pour l'avenir

L'hydrogène vert semble depuis longtemps une solution prometteuse pour atteindre les objectifs climatiques de l'Europe. Un nouveau projet pilote actuellement mené en Allemagne montre qu'il est possible d'en faire une réalité. Thyssenkrupp AG utilise des échangeurs thermiques Alfa Laval pour tester l'hydrogène en remplacement du charbon injecté afin de réduire les émissions de CO2 dans les hauts fourneaux à fonctionnement continu sur son site de Duisburg. Le seul résidu de ce nouveau processus est de la vapeur d'eau.

Ce projet, financé par le gouvernement allemand, utilise les gaz métallurgiques produits dans la sidérurgie afin produire des produits chimiques et réduire ainsi les émissions de CO2 dans ces deux secteurs. Consultez l'article complet pour en savoir plus sur le rôle essentiel de la technologie Alfa Laval dans ce projet pilote.

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Supplies the world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Alfa Laval has signed an agreement to deliver compact heat exchangers to the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, which is to be constructed in the Middle East. The facility, powered by renewable energy, will be part of the city of Neom, built from scratch in the northwestern desert, with the ambition of establishing a new model for sustainable living.


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Alfa Laval’s offering in green hydrogen production

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Alfa Laval Semi Welded Heat Exchanger

  • Highly efficient and flexible
  • Space-saving compact unit
  • Low operating cost possible owing to superior energy efficiency and prolonged service intervals
  • Safe and reliable sealing with no risk of cross-contamination
  • Pressure and temperature fatigue resistant

Alfa Laval Industrial GPHE


Meet with modern requirements

  • Highest thermal efficiency and close temperature approach
  • Compact units - space saving, easy to service and maintain
  • Maximum uptime - less fouling, stress, wear and corrosion
  • Flexible - easy to adapt to changed duty requirements

Alfa Laval AlfaNova


Sustainable, safe and cost-efficient

  • Alfa Laval’s patented AlfaFusion technology
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Reduced installation costs

Alfa Laval ALF filter


For all Alfa Laval heat exchangers

  • Automatic backflushing for uninterrupted filtering process
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Increased cooling system uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Proven, reliable technology

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