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Contrôle des émissions

Environmental regulations on exhaust gases are getting tougher, and the marine industry is under increasing pressure to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx), particles and more. Our solutions make compliance easy – and put you at the cutting edge of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Emission control SOx NOx PureVent PureNOx

A complete range of products for emission control

  • Total assurance in meeting IMO regulation criteria
  • Peace of mind through proven engine protection
  • More than 40 years of experience with marine scrubbers
  • More than a century of experience in centrifugal separation
  • Proven emission control solutions for both newbuild and retrofit
Alfa Laval PureNOx, PureSOx and PureVent 2.0 combine to form a complete system for emission control compliance. PureNOx is a complete water treatment that cleans both circulation water and the bleed-off water for overboard discharge. Alfa Laval PureSOx removes sulphur oxides from the ship’s exhaust gas by scrubbing it with sea water or fresh water. Alfa Laval PureVent 2.0 is a radical new approach to cleaning the gas vented from engine crankcases by using centrifugal separation technology to remove oil mist and other particles, and help protect the environment.

Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre - Développer l'avenir

Nos solutions de nettoyage des gaz d'échappement et notre technologie de nettoyage de l'eau continuent d'évoluer à l'Alfa Laval Test &Training Centre. Nos équipements et applications maritimes y sont testés à l'échelle d'un navire océanique – mais avec un niveau de contrôle et de commodité qui ne peut pas exister en mer.

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