Alfa Laval Performance Audit and Cleaning Services deliver efficiency

Alfa Laval Performance Audit and Cleaning-In-Place enabled the Mincio Thermoelectric power plant to work at maximum efficiency and without any unscheduled downtime.

DATE 2023-11-28

Continuous cooling is essential in a thermoelectric power plant to avoid output power loss and possible damage to machinery. The plant uses river water for cooling which is rich in organic substances that can foul the channels in the cooling heat exchangers and cause damage to bearings and moving parts in the machinery. To avoid this, Mincio power plant signed a two-year Alfa Laval Performance Agreement including:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Performance Audit
  • Leasing contract for a Cleaning-in-Place module
 Alfa Laval guarantees the constant, perfect efficiency of our plant, in short, non-stop performance." LUCIANO ALETTO, PLANT MANAGER

 Based on Performance Audit results, Alfa Laval was able to predict the need for Cleaning Services and suggested a scheduled maintenance plan that suited the continuous operation of the plant.

We decided to rely exclusively on Alfa Laval. We have great confidence in their competence as a manufacturer of exchangers and our trust has been rewarded: the mechanical cleaning systems for the plates combined with the use of chemical detergents suggested by Alfa Laval are very efficient."

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The 380 megawatt Mincio Thermoelectric Power Plant which consists of a gas-fired combined cycle turbine is owned by four northern Italian public limited companies.