Maximize uptime with Alfa Laval’s IoT Services

Alfa Laval’s IoT Services enable remote support and predictive maintenance of your decanter centrifuge, ensuring reliable uptime, high yield and low service costs. Learn more about Alfa Laval’s IoT Services for decanters in food applications in the sections below or contact us for a discussion on the best combination for your plant.

Alfa Laval Iot Services Decanter


Condition monitoring system helps secure and increase uptime.

Remote Support and Monitoring

Quicker, more precise troubleshooting and faster return to service.

IoT is revolutionizing the food industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term for a wide range of new digital technologies that allow processing and manufacturing companies to interconnect their different production and control systems in order to increase efficiency and customer value. IoT is one of the cornerstones of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution (the first three revolutions being the introduction of steam, electricity and electronics). Industry 4.0 combines IoT, new production methods, artificial intelligence, vision systems, etc. and will revolutionize all types of manufacturing and processing plants in the coming years. Alfa Laval is taking an active part in this development. With our IoT services for food & beverage plants, our customers get new possibilities to increase operating reliability and yield while reducing service costs. We are investing heavily in R&D and we will continue to release new IoT services as technology progresses.

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Remote Support and Monitoring

With Alfa Laval Remote Support and Monitoring you get the quickest and best support from Alfa Laval’s service experts when you need help with troubleshooting, service planning and process optimization. Your decanter is connected to Alfa Laval’s monitoring system via a secured internet connection, allowing our staff to access technical data remotely and support you in the best way.

Quick and correct help

Remote Support and Monitoring lets our service engineers monitor your decanter centrifuge’s condition instantly when you call them for support. This minimizes time for analysing the situation and sending spares in case your decanter needs repairing or servicing.

Remote access

In addition, Remote Support and Monitoring gives you access to your decanter centrifuge through an interface on Alfa Laval’s service portal. This makes it easy to analyse operating data and optimize operations, as well as benchmark different decanters and installations. There is also an option to send alarms via SMS or email.


  • Support by Alfa Laval experts
  • Faster and more accurate troubleshooting
  • Faster return to service in case of problems
  • High yield through process optimization
  • Access your equipment remotely to see operating data
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ConditionAlertTM is a condition monitoring system that ensures reliable uptime for your Alfa Laval food & beverage decanter centrifuge.

The system continuously monitors the condition of the decanter’s critical components. The data is sent to a central server for analysis and if any anomalies are detected, the system alerts Alfa Laval’s service engineers who assess the situation and contacts you for planning of service well before any problems arise.


  • Maximum operating reliability
  • Possibility to optimize service intervals and thereby reduce service costs

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