PureSOx Scrubber

Installing an Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system

It takes both expertise and experience to get a SOx scrubber on board. To ensure a successful installation, we offer:

  • Excellent project management and processes
  • Extensive experience with hundreds of projects
  • In-house scrubber production
  • For smaller vessels, PureSOx Express offers a cost-effective and efficient fit.
PureSOx Installation Finnlines

Project management

Installing a SOx scrubber system is a major undertaking. PureSOx Project Manager Mark Aarbodem explains how Alfa Laval safeguards the process.

Strong cooperation and smart planning

“Alfa Laval has worked with engineering companies and shipyards in many PureSOx projects. Few suppliers approach our experience, whether in the number of scrubber installations or the variety of vessel types and installation challenges met. Each new project begins with a kick-off phase, where the customer and our dedicated project team meet to align the goals and the way forward.

Our project team includes engineers from all disciplines, which ensures engineering work of the highest quality. The team is coordinated by a dedicated Project Manager, who is a single point of contact for everything concerning the order. The Project Manager makes sure the design, installation, commissioning and service go as smoothly as possible.

“Over the years, we’ve developed well-documented procedures to facilitate installation and class approval. PureSOx is delivered as prefabricated components and modules, with every aspect of its installation planned well in advance. We can save time by doing preparation while the vessel is operating, and the final commissioning can also be handled en route.

“In most cases, through strong cooperation and planning, your vessel’s total downtime can be limited to 2–4 weeks.”


Mark Aarbodem
PureSOx Project Manager

Retrofit SOx scrubber

Installing a SOx scrubber is more challenging on an existing vessel, where there is no planning for it in the original design. Alfa Laval has the insights and experience to make PureSOx retrofits successful.

Routines and preparation make the difference

In a decade of working with PureSOx, Alfa Laval’s scrubber retrofit projects have been carried out at all major shipyards worldwide, and the experience from each one has refined our processes and routines.

Because the time for a retrofit is limited, we do everything possible to prepare in advance and maximize the use of the shipyard slot. In some cases, PureSOx can be built into a new funnel on the shipyard quay, which can then be lifted on board and connected.

Above all, we cooperate closely with you, the shipyard and any engineering company involved. This is the most important aspect of reducing downtime, overcoming obstacles and ensuring success.

Scrubber production

Alfa Laval has a strong global infrastructure to produce PureSOx scrubber systems. The scrubber bodies are manufactured at our factory in Qingdao, China. This allows us to control the production process, the material used, and the welding quality which are all critical in preventing corrosion.

All the key equipment associated with PureSOx is based on Alfa Laval core technologies, which means it is produced with high quality at Alfa Laval production sites around the world. The high-speed separator, for example, is produced at our site in Pune, India and incorporated into the water cleaning system by our module experts in Monza, Italy.

PureSOx Express

For smaller vessels like handymax bulkers or product tankers, the cost of installing a SOx scrubber has sometimes outweighed the benefits.

Savings with a scrubber can be simple

Alfa Laval PureSOx Express offers easy, cost-efficient access to SOx scrubber advantages.

PureSOx Express offers:
  • Open-loop PureSOx system delivered as a fully enclosed module
  • Hybrid-ready systems, with connections present for a later conversion to a hybrid system
  • Lower investment cost, engineering time and physical work of installing a SOx scrubber
  • Less work at the shipyard and an installation time of just 10–14 days
  • Cleaning up to 75 tonnes of exhaust gas per hour, for engines up to 10 MW

PureSOx Express is a one-size-fits-all solution for many vessels of 40,000–65,000 DWT. To learn more, download the PureSOx Express leaflet. 

PureSOx Express leaflet.