PureSOx Scrubber

Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber technology

PureSOx systems are configured to match not only your sailing profile, but also the physical constraints of your vessel, by applying:

  • Alfa Laval core technologies
  • A century of experience in the Marine industry
  • Over 50 years of experience with marine scrubbers
  • Experience from hundreds of scrubber installations

PureSOx tanker

Expert resources

With experience from over a decade of work with SOx scrubbers and exhaust gas cleaning, Alfa Laval has put together informative resources to help in your decision process.

Exhaust gas cleaning handbook

“Staying ahead in SOx compliance” takes a deep look at emissions compliance legislation and the reasons for choosing a SOx scrubber. In addition, it explores the choices on the market and the key considerations when selecting a scrubber supplier. With illustrations, diagrams and tables, it provides both a clear overview and important insights. To order a printed copy or download the PDF, fill out the form below.

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Information for shipyards

Alfa Laval provides complete documentation specific to shipyard needs. The shipyard documentation is divided into: - Advice for the specific vessel - PureSOx Design Guide for engineering, P&IDs and equipment drawings - PureSOx Installation Manual To obtain shipyard documentation or more information, please contact Alfa Laval.

Two men shipyard

PureSOx scrubber configuration

An Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system can be configured in three different operating arrangements: open-loop, closed-loop or a combination of these two, hybrid.            

PureSOx configuration hybride


Un épurateur hybride combine les modes en boucle ouverte et en boucle fermée.

Le mode en boucle ouverte réduit les coûts d'exploitation dans la mesure du possible, mais vous pouvez facilement passer au mode en boucle fermée si vous devez vous conformer aux réglementations locales en matière de rejets dans l'eau.

PureSOx closed-loop - circuit fermé


Un épurateur en circuit fermé peut utiliser de l'eau de mer ou de l'eau douce avec un additif alcalin.

L'eau est recirculée et lorsqu'elle devient sale, l'eau de circulation est nettoyée, évacuée et reconstituée pour conserver la capacité de l'épurateur. L'épurateur peut être utilisé n'importe où et n'importe quand, mais ses coûts d'exploitation sont plus élevés que ceux de la configuration en circuit ouvert.                                                                   

PureSOx open-loop - circuit ouvert


Dans un épurateur en boucle ouverte, l'eau de mer est utilisée pour épurer les gaz d'échappement.

Une fois que l'eau a traversé PureSOx, elle est rejetée en mer, conformément aux réglementations de l'OMI. Cette configuration présente les coûts d'investissement et d'exploitation les plus bas, mais son utilisation peut être limitée par une faible alcalinité de l'eau ou par les réglementations locales en matière de rejet d'eau...

Simplify compliance with PureSOx Connect

PureSOx Connect helps to simplify your scrubber’s compliance and service. It’s our platform of data-driven services that bring new ways to save time and money. The benefits of PureSOx Connect are:

  • Simplifying system operation and compliance reporting
  • Identifying service needs before they turn into issues
  • Accessing remote monitoring and root cause analysis, minimizing risk of unscheduled repairs and downtime
  • Optimizing system uptime and performance

Read more about PureSOx Connect in our leaflet

PureSOx Scrubber development

Alfa Laval is at the forefront of marine scrubber technology, thanks to hundreds of successful installations over the past decade. PureSOx is continuously being developed, both at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre and on board.

Core technologies

PureSOx applies Alfa Laval’s core technologies of fluid handling, heat transfer and separation. Centrifugal separators are especially important for a closed-loop or hybrid scrubber system, where it is needed to ensure compliant cleaning of the circulation water.

Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

Much of the ongoing development of Alfa Laval PureSOx occurs at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, a unique research facility located in Aalborg, Demark. The centre is a full-size machine room on land, with complete process lines integrated around a 2 MW marine diesel engine.

The PureSOx scrubber installed here can be pushed to its limits under controlled conditions, which accelerates both the speed and quality of testing. Learn more about our Test & Training Centre here