PureSOx Scrubber

Satisfied customers in SOx compliance

Alfa Laval PureSOx has been at sea since 2009, providing reliable compliance with SOx emission limits. Hundreds of PureSOx systems have been installed to date, varying from open-loop to closed-loop and hybrid. Our scrubber has been installed on many different vessel types and every one of them is in compliant operation. Among the satisfied PureSOx customers are many who have returned to Alfa Laval for additional scrubber systems.


Documentation to help your scrubber decision

Take advantage of our leading knowledge in scrubber technology.

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Customer case – PureSOx and life on board

Dutch ship owner Spliethoff was among the first to install PureSOx. Today the company has 18 PureSOx systems, plus considerable insight when it comes to working with them. “The reliability has been very high,” says Technical Support Engineer Roland Hoogeveen.


Scrubber reference list

PureSOx has an extensive reference list. It includes a broad range of vessel and system types, some of the world’s largest SOx scrubber installations and repeat orders from satisfied customers. View our reference brochure to see more details about our experience with installing marine scrubber systems.

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