Mixing and blending (Agitator solution)

Precise and uniform mixing and blending is essential in many applications, contributing to an effective process and a high-quality end product. Optimal results demand a balance between power, control and flexibility. Using an Alfa Laval Agitator with specially developed EnSaFerm impellers for fermentation use, reduce energy consumption and the absorption of heat by your product.

Equipements Alfa Laval innovants en évidence

Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer

dairy Hybrid powder mixer• Quickly mixes wet and dry ingredients into a homogenous blend and pumps the combined solution
• Patented cost-effective dual-stage inline powder dissolution unit

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Horizontal Tank Valve

double seat valves CIP dairy• Enables cleaning of horizontal tank connections during tank cleaning
• Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) of the process pipe all the way up the tank wall, yet protects product in the tank against contamination
• Enhances flexibility and efficiency during processing & CIP

Alfa Laval ALT Top-Mounted Agitator

dairy agitator alfa laval ALT top-mount

• When hygiene standards are the prime focus
• Designed with the aim to meet 3A and EHEDG standards


Alfa Laval Prime

• Rendement énergétique de pointe entraînant une réduction de la consommation énergétique et de l’empreinte CO2.

• Polyvalence : conçu pour les tâches NEP impliquant de l’air occlus, il peut également aspirer le produit ce qui diminue le besoin de pompes supplémentaires et permet de réduire les investissements matériels.

• Basé sur la conception éprouvée de la gamme de pompes LKH, renommée pour sa qualité et sa fiabilité.

Reduced operating costs

MAJOR DAIRY, CHINA. One of the largest milk producers in China installed 47 new Alfa Laval agitators throughout the plant’s raw milk, pasteurized milk, and cream processing and storage tanks, ranging in size from 5,000 to 100,000 litres.

By doing so, the dairy increased energy efficiency, enhanced product quality, and reduced operating costs, while realizing full return on investment within three years.

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